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Ways With Words provides news and feature-writing services from a small pool of experienced writers and editors.

Our news-writing and editing services include
♦ Blogs
♦ Copy editing
♦ Copy writing
♦ Editorial consultancy
♦ Feature writing
♦ Newsletters
♦ Personality interviews
♦ Proof-reading
♦ Product reviews
♦ Sub-editor temping

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Internet's impact on English
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Prices for all Ways With Words writing services are flexible and realistic. As with our prices for editing and blogging, costs are calculated accord­ing to word-count and the com­plex­ity of the subject matter.

Discounts are offered for large writing services projects, long-term contracts and repeat business with Ways With Words.


Our clients for writ­ing services include
♦ Associated Newspapers
♦ Cape Argus
♦ Guardian Media Group
♦ Gulf Construction
♦ Hilal Middle East
♦ Irish Daily Mail
♦ Johannesburg Star
♦ Northcliffe Media
♦ PC News
♦ Tawasul Telecom
♦ TechCentral
♦ Words Language Services

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