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Any half decent organisation has a blog these days. In fact, if Blog or Die is not one of your company's management mantras, your outfit could go the way of the thousands that sank without trace in recent years.

A blog does not on its own guarantee commercial success, but blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways to raise a company's profile. The process is infinitely cheaper than advertising in mainstream media or trade journals yet has the potential to reach a large readership.

Too many advocates of blogging make wild claims for the benefits to be reaped. On a more realistic note, here’s what a blog can reasonably be expected to achieve:

♦ Boost your branding
♦ Interact with customers
♦ Win business
♦ Generate links
♦ Improve search-engine ranking

The downside is that writing and maintaining a blog takes time – a lot of time if it's done well. logo A blog takes up even more time if your readers can post comments, because then someone in your organisation has to moderate that external input to guard against libellous or offensive remarks. The flip side is that reader com­ments can prov­ide a most useful barometer of customer sentiment which you might not otherwise have at your fingertips.

• The alternative to writing a blog in-house is to outsource the task to a professional writer. Ever more organisations are taking this route as recession increases the workload on time-starved staff.

Can you afford to blog? Can you afford not to?

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Prices for all Ways With Words writing services are flexible and realistic.

Our ghost-written blogs are tailored to the needs of all types of organisations. Prices for these and other writing services are calc­ulat­ed according to word-count, complexity of the subject matter, and frequency (daily, monthly etc).

Discounts are offered for large writing services projects, long-term contracts and repeat business with Ways With Words.

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